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    Phillip and Ramon

    Directors and Principal Chiropractors

    It all started as two university students with a vision and some very, very long car rides together…

    This vision was to create one facility to treat all musculoskeletal injuries with a holistic approach. In 2018 this vision and dream became a reality, opening their first clinic together in Smeaton Grange.

    Throughout their childhood, Phillip and Ramon were very active and competitive in sports, developing injuries of their own. As a result, they were exposed to various forms of injury management including chiropractic, physiotherapy and remedial sports massage therapy.

    This led them to dream of one facility with unified and collective treatment modalities. One that brings together the knowledge of all disciplines to provide the most effective and cohesive care for the patient.

  • MSK Therapy is focused on helping you live a pain-free life, move with confidence and to be the best version of yourself.

    We strive for excellence by providing quality healthcare services with a holistic approach in order to enhance our patient’s lives with our hands and our knowledge.

    We aim to continue learning and embrace opportunities as well as challenges to improve ourselves with the goal of empowerment and education of our patients.

  • Patient first

    Our success is driven by the results of our patients. We believe in listening carefully to understand every individual’s story and goals.

    Empowering people with knowledge

    We believe in inspiring people to take their health into their own hands. Through education, we aim to help people reach their full potential.

    Enhancing health and wellness

    We believe that the human body has the potential power to heal itself naturally if given the proper direction. Wellness is the combination of good nutrition, sleep, movement and a positive mindset. We believe amazing health is the balance of mental and physical health. We encourage natural health remedies and endeavour to treat the underlying causes of injury rather than masking the symptoms.

    Move with passion and confidence

    Be driven, goal-orientated, positive and always moving forward.

    Personalised hands on and active based therapy

    Everyone is different. Your treatment will always be individualized, specific to your needs. We use the latest evidence-based treatment modalities to ensure you have the best care possible. Our bodies are designed to move often and move well. At MSK Therapy we combine physical therapy and exercise to encourage an active lifestyle to futureproof your body.

    Provide enjoyable experiences and moments

    We believe that life is all about creating amazing moments. We pay attention to every detail and go above and beyond to create a unique and enjoyable experience for our patients.

    Build a great community

    We believe in forging a great relationship with those around our community so that together we can help each other achieve our dreams.

    Growth and innovation

    Our collaborative team of optimistic and energetic therapist regularly undergo continued education to ensure that we are able to provide the most up to date and evidence-based treatment modalities.

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