Physiotherapy at MSK

Physiotherapy has traditionally been considered as a treatment reserved exclusively for Olympic athletes. Today many chose to include physio as part of an overall health and wellbeing plan because of the many natural health benefits. Listen to your body if you have a dull pain or just not feeling right physiotherapy can be an effective treatment for a range of conditions from tension in your muscles, loss of balance to reducing the recovery time after surgery.

At MSK our Physiotherapists are highly trained health professionals who provide treatment for patients in Camden & Narellan suffering from physical difficulties, injuries, disease, illness or age-related conditions.

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Our bodies are designed to move and be active, we help patients of all ages successfully recover from injuries and regain mobility and flexibility so that you can continue with your favourite activities pain free.

Our physiotherapists are skilled in all aspects of physiotherapy, from

  • Musculoskeletal- used to treat conditions such as back pain, arthritis, sprains and strains and posture problems
  • Sports physiotherapy
  • Spine Injury Rehabilitation or Neurological physiotherapy which is used to treat disorders of the nervous system, including spinal cord injuries, strokes, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease
  • Ergonomics

Each individual’s treatment is tailored to suit your specific needs. We successfully use a combination of therapies as holistic alternatives to medication and surgery. To heal and restore your body some of these treatments and methods may include

  • Massage
  • Exercise to strengthen muscles, posture correction and cardiovascular training
  • Manipulation or manual therapies include joint manipulation and stretching
  • Electrotherapy techniques which may include nerve stimulation, laser therapy and ultrasound.

In many cases, an injury can be caused by other several underlying factors. You may be doing repetitive work-related activities, carrying a bit of extra weight or bad posture is causing persistent back pain.

Our physiotherapist not only treat the pain we facilitate healthier healing of all your body’s complex systems.

Unsure if you need to see a physiotherapist? Or maybe you’re just wondering what physiotherapy is all about? We’ve put together a few answers to some common questions about this type of physical therapy.

  • Physiotherapy is used to treat disorders in your body’s nerves, joints or muscles, which affect the way your body moves. These bodily structures, when injured, make doing even the most ordinary, everyday things extremely painful, and when left untreated can be debilitating. The goal of physiotherapy is to help heal these injuries and restore the structures to improve your quality of life and get you feeling strong and healthy.The treatment process in physiotherapy involves things such as:

    • Massage and stretching techniques for relieving tension and improving flexibility
    • Physical therapy with hands-on treatment for improving joint movement
    • Educating you on your condition, including the parts of your anatomy that are involved, and giving you advice on how you can manage the condition at home as well
    • The development of exercise programs that are tailored to your individual needs
  • You do not need a referral by a GP to visit a physiotherapist, but medical doctors may recommend a course of physiotherapy to help treat an injury or condition. If you have muscle tension or restricted movement that does not allow you to fully enjoy all your favourite activities call MSK to arrange a consultation

  • Physiotherapists in Australia need to be university qualified and registered as health professionals. The Australian Physiotherapy Association is the professional body governing this industry, and registered practitioners can be found through this association.

  • Physios are medical professionals who train and study at university and have advanced knowledge of the joint and musculoskeletal system. Physiotherapists can manipulate your body physically to help increase mobility, flexibility, alleviate pain and help promote overall wellbeing and performance. Whether you need help recovering from a sports injury or need adjusting to be able to go back to work or just enjoy your usual hobbies, our highly trained physiotherapists can help.

  • You may wonder why there’s a separate category in physiotherapy for sport, and that’s because injuries from sporting activities differ to everyday injuries.

    An athlete usually puts their body under higher strain pushing their body further for better performance. This continued pressure pushes bodies to their limits, especially their bones, muscles and joints. A sports physiotherapist’s goal is to help educate athletes on preventing further problems in the future and helping them recover from specific injuries.

    Athletes of any age, gender, and sporting level can see a sports physiotherapist. Our physiotherapists stay up to the date with the latest research and techniques to help you recover faster. We use our specialised knowledge on sporting injuries to achieve lasting recovery results while getting our sportsmen and women back to what they love doing most.

If you are not moving as easily and as freely as you used to, talk to the friendly team at MSK today to find out more about how physiotherapy treatment can help improve your quality of life.

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