Back Pain Mythbusters: Putting Those Unsubstantiated Claims to Rest

Back Pain Mythbusters: Putting Those Unsubstantiated Claims to Rest

Back Pain Mythbusters: Putting Those Unsubstantiated Claims to Rest 1920 1620 Msk Therapy

It’s not uncommon for medical practitioners to hear patients speak of pains/aches and health problems with very little knowledge on the correlation between symptoms and root causes of an illness/disease or pain in the body. In fact, every doctor who has been in the field for a long time is guaranteed to have heard some ludicrous myths about health in general; other stories and assumptions may be deceiving enough to sound seemingly possible, however, they are still just myths. Regardless, misconceptions about our health and related problems are dangerous as they can lead to the wrong treatments which, in turn, have a more harmful effect on one’s health.

Among the many other health problems and their respective misconceptions, there are quite a few myths about the causes of back pain. These are generally unsubstantiated claims that have been splashed over the internet, as well as passed down within families from generation to generation. Well, the professional practitioners at MSK Therapy are here to put those common back pain myths to rest once and for all. Read on! 

#1 Genetics and Back Pain are Unrelated

It comes as a surprise to many but weak tissue and other related problems that cause back pain can be passed down genetically. Some of these genetic root causes include degeneration of cartilage around joints, changes in the height or shortening of discs, and dehydration of discs. The diagnosis of such pain caused genetically are most commonly osteoarthritis of the spine and the degeneration of lumbar discs. 

#2 Intestinal Gas Leads to Back Pain

If you have intestinal gas, you will experience symptoms in your upper body such as pain, discomfort, and tightness. These symptoms, however, are generally limited to the chest area and not the back. In some cases, the pain and discomfort may be experienced around the abdomen region. On the other hand, there is a type of gas that takes form in the shape of bubbles that can be found between the spinal cord; this gas can cause lower and/or upper back pain.

#3 Kidney Related Problems Don’t Cause Back Pain 

This is a huge misconception because severe kidney problems can cause excruciating pain in the back. A patient of one such condition will experience pain on the same side as the affected kidney which can also travel to the middle of the back. If both kidneys are affected, the pain is felt on both sides and can range from mild to severe. Back pain caused by kidney problems may include the development of infections and stones.

#4 Any Sitting Position Causes Back Pain

You often hear that sitting for long periods of time causes back pain and, sometimes, that is true. The misconception, however, is that any type of sitting position is going to affect your back and cause pain. The fact is that sitting down will not put a strain on your back muscles (which subsequently cause aches and pains) as long as you are maintaining the right posture and have support for your lower back. With that said, for many other health reasons, it is advisable to stand up every hour to stretch and walk around before sitting back down.

#5 The First Trimester of Pregnancy Causes Back Pain

Along with the added weight that puts a strain on a pregnant woman’s back, hormonal changes during the second and third trimester can cause back pain. In the first trimester of pregnancy, on the other hand, it is extremely rare for women to experience pain in the back. Many believe that sudden back pain indicates the possibility of being pregnant, however, this can only be a consideration if there are other signs of pregnancy including morning sickness, delayed period, and lethargy. 

#6 Persistent Low Back Pain May Lead to Paralysis 

The only time paralysis can occur is when a patient develops cauda equina syndrome wherein one of the symptoms is, in fact, back pain. This is extremely rare and is generally accompanied by excruciating pain in the legs along with numbness in the genital area. There are several causes of low back pain that may be persistent, however, the worry that it could turn into paralysis is a myth. 

#7 Back Pain Does Not Occur When Constipated_

Constipation can throw off your gut microbiome balance which, in turn, heightens your perception of pain. This increased pain can be concentrated in your lower back region, especially if you have an existing ache. It should be noted that constipation does not cause direct pain in the back by way of affecting muscles or tissue.

#8 Spinal Manipulation Worsens Back Pain

Unless you are dealing with a chiropractor that is not professionally trained and experienced in spinal manipulation techniques, you can rest assured that chiropractic care will help you reduce or relieve you of your backache. This is achieved through chiropractic adjustments that increase mobility, relieve pressure on joints, and work to repair and improve soft tissue, among other benefits. With that said, it should also be mentioned that post-chiropractic care can leave a patient feeling some amount of pain, discomfort, and soreness, however, these effects generally don’t last for more than 24 hours.

To get an accurate diagnosis of your back pain and subsequent treatment, MSK Therapy follows strict standard procedures to safely examine patients and conduct tests. After the results are studied, our highly qualified, licensed, and experienced chiropractors will then formulate a custom treatment program to relieve you of back pain and fix the root cause of the symptoms. Contact us today for queries or to schedule a consultation with one of our professionally trained chiropractors.