Can Pregnant Women Benefit from Chiropractic Adjustments?

Can Pregnant Women Benefit from Chiropractic Adjustments?

Can Pregnant Women Benefit from Chiropractic Adjustments? 5616 3744 Msk Therapy

One woman’s pregnancy can be entirely different from another’s. For some, pregnancy can be smooth-sailing and an overall wonderful experience while other women may go through stressful complications that put a damper on the miraculous journey that is happening inside of them. With that said, one thing that almost all pregnant women will experience at some stage during these nine months is a lower backache, as well as pain in the pelvis region. 

Due to the significant physical changes that occur during pregnancy, the excess weight a woman must bear, and the sudden shift in weight distribution both take a toll on the spine and joints. This causes aches and pains that can range from mild and infrequent to severe and constant. Fortunately, there is a safe way for pregnant women to alleviate stress on the spine and joints, and get relief from nagging back pain that does not involve drugs or invasive therapies. We’re talking about chiropractic adjustments.

When is Spinal Manipulation Not Advised During Pregnancy?

Millions of individuals seek chiropractic care to treat various conditions that often cause aches in the body. To explain in brief, spinal adjustments are intended to realign the spine and adjust misaligned joints which, in turn, alleviate nerve stress, muscle tension, and other issues that leave the body tensed and in pain. Overall, the major benefit lies in maintaining the health of the spine that is often subjected to added strain and pressure due to poor posture, everyday activities, and certain jobs/professions. 

While many pregnant women have benefited from getting adjusted by a professional chiropractor, it is critically important to consult with your doctor on whether or not chiropractic care is suitable for you during your pregnancy. 

Spinal adjustments are not recommended for pregnant women when they are experiencing:

  • Toxemia
  • Placenta abruption 
  • Placenta previa
  • Bleeding from the vagina
  • Ectopic pregnancy

If your doctor approves of spinal manipulation during your pregnancy, the next thing you need to do is find a reputable chiropractor that is experienced in providing prenatal chiropractic care, or simply ask your doctor for a recommendation. 

The Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments During Pregnancy

As we mentioned earlier, a woman’s body goes through many physical changes, as well as hormonal changes during pregnancy. As the fetus develops and gets heavier, the woman’s growing belly can affect her posture and ability to distribute weight evenly since the centre of gravity is also altered. These changes directly affect the spine and throw it out of alignment, thus causing aches and pains. 

Additionally, the pelvis is also put under a lot of strain that affects nerves and joints in the surrounding regions. During the second and third trimester, there is an increase in the curvature of the spine which also leads to lower back pain. The good news, however, is that spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments can be incredibly beneficial for pregnant women and, in fact, promote a healthier and more enjoyable pregnancy. 

Here is quick look at some of the benefits of spinal manipulation for pregnant women:

  • Pain relief in various parts of the body including the lower back, hips, neck, and joints
  • Proper pelvic balance 
  • A realigned spinal column for improved body functioning
  • A more relaxed body and mind
  • Relief from muscle spasms, tension, etc
  • Better nervous system health (improved communication between all bodily systems, reproductive system included)
  • Can help to control nausea symptoms
  • Keeps you more comfortable during your pregnancy
  • Potentially reduces the amount of labour time

The techniques used by a chiropractor when adjusting pregnant women ensure that there is no pressure placed on the uterus. Moreover, the table is adjusted appropriately to accommodate the woman’s growing belly, thus keeping her and her baby comfortable throughout the treatment.

That’s not all; regular spinal adjustments can also benefit your unborn child.

How Chiropractic Care Helps the Fetus

When the fetus can move around freely within the uterus, they are more likely to develop normally. If the woman’s pelvis becomes misaligned or there is something obstructing regular movements of the fetus, this narrows the available space for the fetus, thus leading to potential birth defects. Furthermore, having a misaligned pelvis close to your due date makes it increasingly difficult for the unborn baby to get into an optimal position for delivery. 

Chiropractic adjustments can help do away with these problems by ensuring that the pelvis is perfectly balanced while promoting a natural birth. It also lowers the risk of the baby getting into a breech position which, in turn, reduces the likelihood of complications.


The first step in benefitting from chiropractic adjustments during pregnancy is to consult with your doctor on any concerns related to receiving the treatment. In some cases where there are problems or complications in the pregnancy, it is not advisable to seek spinal manipulation unless advised by your doctor. If the treatment is recommended, pregnant women can greatly benefit from chiropractic adjustments in multiple ways. Some of these include relief from lower back pain, neck, hip, and joint pain, a balanced pelvis, and an aligned spinal column which comes with its own list of benefits.

If you are looking for a reputed and experienced chiropractor to alleviate pain in the body during pregnancy, consult with one of our experts at MSK Therapy today!