Managing Chronic Pain With Chiropractic Care – Here’s How it Works

Managing Chronic Pain With Chiropractic Care – Here’s How it Works

Managing Chronic Pain With Chiropractic Care – Here’s How it Works 1280 720 Msk Therapy

At some point in everyone’s life, they will likely experience some sort of chronic pain whether it is caused by an accident/injury, health-related problems, or just poor posture. The bottom line is that if you are currently suffering from chronic pain, there is a very high chance that the cure lies in the capable hands of a trained chiropractor.

It’s unfortunate that so many people who grapple with this kind of nagging pain on a daily basis choose to medicate themselves for quick, temporary relief, and get on with their lives. Well, unlike the short-lived fix that comes with over-the-counter pain medication, chronic pain can be cured or, at the very least, significantly reduced on a more permanent basis with chiropractic treatments. 

If you’re wondering how chiropractic care helps manage chronic pain, keep reading to understand the complex ways in which spinal manipulation and physiotherapy programs work to provide long-term solutions for various types of chronic pain.

Realign Your Spine With Chiropractic Adjustments

Your bones, soft tissue, tendons, muscles, and ligaments are all part of your musculoskeletal system; together, they help your body move and support your overall weight. These functions benefit from a properly aligned spine which allows your body to work like a well-oiled machine! In other words, when there are abnormal changes to the natural shape of your spine, it can have a somewhat domino effect that tends to throw your body out of balance. 

An example of the above condition is low back pain that is caused by spinal misalignment which, in turn, alters the way the rest of your body functions. Individuals experiencing this type of chronic pain in their lower back will subconsciously use one side of their body more because it feels comfortable and relieves stress on the other side; however, this causes an imbalance in the functioning of your hips, knees, and ankles.

By correcting your spine’s alignment, your body will be able to move the way it is intended, without causing stress to any part of your musculoskeletal system. This is exactly what spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustments are meant to do – realign your spine so that your body gets the support it needs to function healthily. With that said, there is no guarantee that this type of chiropractic treatment alone will cure chronic pain; however, it will ensure that your body is ready to take the next step in the treatment program after a thorough diagnosis is concluded to find out what is causing your low back pain or other chronic pain in the body.

Stimulate Your Body’s Natural Flow with Massage Therapy

Your nervous system and all the interconnectivity between other systems need to work in harmony in order for your body to feel its best. A misaligned spine creates a hindrance in the natural circulation and flow of this constant activity, thus causing chronic pain in certain areas and joints of your body. For this reason, correcting your spine is always the first step. 

When used in combination with massage therapy, chiropractic care, in the form of adjustments, will not only restore your body’s ability to function normally, but also alleviate chronic pain. Another noteworthy piece of information is that your body can only heal itself when there is no obstruction among its circulatory networks or interference with the different systems of the body. Guided massages help stimulate and improve the natural flow of your body’s systems by removing these blockages; this is why it is important to find a chiropractic clinic that offers related services such as physical and massage therapy, along with spinal manipulation treatments. 

Repair and Strengthen Your Body With Physiotherapy

When your chiropractor has determined the root cause of your chronic pain, the third and final step, after spinal manipulation and massage therapy, is physiotherapy. In many cases, the underlying problem is as simple as weak muscles, stiff joints, soft tissue damage, or minor injury. Luckily, these are not serious conditions even though they are accompanied by the symptom of chronic pain. For example, if you suffer from low back pain on a daily basis, your chiropractor may suggest some lifestyle changes along with physical therapy that will help build your back and surrounding muscles so that they can bear stress without causing pain. In addition, leading a more active life is recommended to prevent chronic pain in the future.

Bear in mind that physiotherapy at a chiropractic clinic must be performed under the guidance of a specialist, and is often a customised program that is planned as per your diagnosis. There is no ‘one size fits all’ which is why meeting with a chiropractor and getting a full-body assessment is highly recommended when you are experiencing chronic pain. The exercises you will be asked to do are generally mobility drills and strength training workouts that will help keep your body functioning in a healthy manner.

The key to successfully managing chronic pain with chiropractic care is to find a qualified chiropractor who is experienced in combining treatments to tackle the root cause of your condition. At MSK Therapy, our clinic is home to fully licensed and experienced specialists in all areas of chiropractic care, and pain and injury management. We offer in-house diagnostic facilities and individual therapy programs to ensure that each patient receives undivided attention throughout their recovery with us.